"The Uncommon Carrier"


Swung at right angle to the track.

Swung vertically in a circle at right angle to the track.

Raised and lowered vertically.

Reduce Speed
Held horizontally at arm's length.

Apply Air Brakes Swung horizontally above the head when standing

Release Air Brakes
Held at arm's length above the head when standing.

Any object waved violently by anyone on or near the track is a signal to stop.

Signals must be given from a point where they may be plainly seen and in such a way that they cannot be misunderstood. If there is doubt as to the meaning of a signal, or for whom it is intended, it must be regarded as a stop signal.

These are the signals from the whistles or horns on the locomotives that passengers will here as you visit and ride the Wabash Frisco & Pacific Railroad.



= short toot (about 1 second)---

= long toot (about 2 seconds)

While running, apply hand brakes. (Stop)
Starting or answer to any signal
Backing up (Reversing)
Calling for signals or for Glencoe agent to turn on flashers
Succession of short blasts warning persons or livestock on the tracks.
Approaching stations, yards & bridges

Release brakes. (Proceed forward)

Approaching meeting point

Grade crossing, last long to be held until crossing is reached
A Grade crossing is where the railroad tracks cross a public street.
(The WF&P RR will cross the Al Foster Trail)

Train has separated into two parts. (used while train is moving)
Flagman (conductor) protect train (flagman should walk down the tracks with a flag/lantern a distance that will allow approaching trains to stop safely)
Flagman (conductor) return to train

Personnel whose duties may require them to give signals must give them by hand, flag or lamp. Personnel giving signals must locate themselves as to be plainly seen, giving signals in a manner readily understood, and use the utmost care to avoid giving or taking wrong signals.

When a movement is being made under the directions of hand signals, the unexpected disappearance from view of the member giving signals or the light by which signals are being given, must be regarded as a stop signal

Hours of Operations / Holiday Schedules
The Railroad is open every Sunday,
May through October (rain or shine)
11:00 a.m - 4:15 p.m. ( final train leaves )

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